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Crafting Legacies in Every Stroke

Sri Mudhra Arts is a one stop shop with divine collections of traditional Tanjore paintings, Brindavanam, miniatures, pencil sketch, oil painting, acrylic painting and other art forms. From the House of Fine Artisans with a Divine Touch – After serving for so many decades in this field we have extended our hands to deal with customers directly. We focus on quality and client’s satisfaction.


Nurturing the artistic legacy passed down through generations, we take immense pride in preserving and imparting the intricacies of this exquisite art.


Our commitment to excellence extends to our choice of materials, ensuring that each stroke stands the test of time with the highest-grade resources.


Delighting in the art of tailoring masterpieces to suit individual tastes, we've been crafting personalized expressions of beauty for over 4 generations

With Love

Embark on a journey with us, where tradition meets innovation, and artistry meets legacy. Creating a art that encapsulates the richness of our heritage.

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